Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Big Update Announced, Adds New Story Content and Character

fire emblem heroes

Receive the blessings of the elements.

Fire Emblem Heroes is taking its next big step with version 2.0. This update adds an additional chapter to the epic tale, introducing a fiery new foe set to lay the world in flames.

This update also sees the introduction of Fjorm: Princess of Ice, accessible to players that complete chapter 1: part 5 of book 2.

Fjorm is the first of the Legendary Heroes to be added, mighty allies that utilize the power of the elements to conquer their foes. These elemental abilities include seasonal bonuses; Fjord will earn boosted stats during the Water Season when she has the Water Blessing attached, and will also receive increases in the SP she gains in battle.

These Blessings will be rare, one-use items that cannot be removed, only replaced by another one.

Weapons will also be getting a boost in the form of the Weapon Refinery. This new feature allows existing weapon skills to be strengthened past their current limits, and could prove to be the difference between victory and defeat.

Version 2.0 also features several smaller tweaks and adjustments, and is available now for download on Android and iOS.

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