Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Gets a Reveal Trailer; Release Date and Content Detailed

The most substantial update yet.

Civilization VI’s latest expansion, Rise and Fall, has been unveiled today with a brilliant CGI trailer. The new content will release on Feb. 8, bringing with it major changes to the ebb and flow of gameplay.

Civilization VI has seen constant incremental updates since its launch, such as new races, and modding tools. Rise and Fall, however, promises to bring the most significant changes yet. It introduces the concept of dynamic empires: civilizations that change allegiances, national borders that constantly shift depending on the political environment, and cities that have the ability to change loyalty throughout your campaign.

Indeed, the new Loyalty System means that factors such as low harvest yields bring the constant threat of revolt. Rise and Fall also adds nine new leaders, eight civilizations, a number of new units, wonders, districts, and buildings.

Lead Designer for the game, Anton Strenger, states that there are “more storytelling elements – Historic Moments – that highlight the interesting turning points in your civilizations. These events happen every time you play, making playthroughs unique, while also giving them meaning in the mechanics.”

You can check out the trailer for Rise and Fall below:


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