Check out Far Cry 5’s Digital Version of Montana in the Latest Clip

far cry 5

That Montana sunshine.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting Ubisoft still has Far Cry 5 up its sleeve, what with all the amazing games that have made 2017 a year worth remembering. It’s still coming our way though, and the latest clip from Ubisoft shows off a great deal of the game’s digital recreation of Montana as well as the decision process that went into putting together a believable location.

Ubisoft’s blog posts recounts the work that went into making Hope County, the fictional part of Montana that the team wanted to make feel like a “convincing place.” Designer Jean-Sebastien Decant spoke on the environment, saying Ubisoft “fell in love with Montana” during the development process, and found the area to be “exactly a match” for Far Cry in general, as a “space.”

For a game that’s focused on exploration and finding things in every nook and cranny without the aid of a minimal this time around, the hope is obviously that the landscape looks good and interesting enough to want to traipse around in so that players feel fulfilled. Check out the latest clip below.


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