Cappy Players Can Kill Mario Players in Super Mario Odyssey Multiplayer

Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Kills Mario

Mario’s hat has gone rogue.

Mario has been betrayed by his own hat. In a video recorded by Twitter user DefinitivNichtSacha, a glitch in Super Mario Odyssey’s multiplayer mode allows players controlling Mario’s hat Cappy to kill Mario.

As seen in the video linked above, the glitch can be exploited by capturing a piranha plant like the one seen here in the game’s Luncheon Kingdom world. After feeding the plant a rock, the player controlling Cappy can kill both the plant and Mario by attacking the plant.

With the plant dead, Mario disappears from the screen, leaving only a floating Cappy on the screen. Players will then have to restart at a checkpoint flag to respawn Mario. See it for yourself in the tweet above if you’re looking for a way to troll your friends in Mario’s latest adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey launched October 27 for Nintendo Switch.


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