Call of Duty: WWII Players Can Get the Pathfinder Pack Just by Playing Multiplayer

Get a leg up on the competition.

Call of Duty: WWII is finally here, which you’re probably already keenly aware of if you’ve been playing it all day (despite the early errors). It turns out there are some special goodies you can get just by playing the game, which is pretty exciting if you’re the type who loves to get something for free for no work at all, and who doesn’t?

Activision is giving out the free Pathfinder Pack, a set of in-game items you can snap up for free just by playing Call of Duty: WWII’s multiplayer mode ahead of Nov. 17. Chances are if you’ve logged in at all you’ve probably met that prerequisite, so here’s what you get in the pack.

You’ll get three supply drops, a bonus weapon XP token, bonus division XP token, a calling card with the Sledgehammer logo, and a special helmet to use. It should come in handy when you’re kicking butt and taking names as you ride the top of the leaderboards. Make sure you log some multiplayer hours so you can nab one of these packs, as these items look pretty useful, for both you and your division. And who doesn’t like stuff for the price of free? Probably Nazi zombies, that’s who. But you’re supposed to eradicate all of them, anyway.


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