Top 4 Best Anime of November 2017 You Should Watch

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We Have Always been 10 CM Apart

There’s no shortage of anime that explore the mysteries and complications of young love but that doesn’t seem like it will stop We Have Always Been 10 CM Apart (Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10-Centimeters Datta) from pulling at your feels. This anime will follow a love story between two young students who have grown to be much more than friends but still aren’t a couple. Haruki Serizawa and Mio Aida have a strong bond, but as they grow closer and closer there is still a small space between them — both physically and figuratively.

Promo trailers for We Have Always Been 10 CM Apart show both of the young students sitting outside together as the sun sets. Both Mio and Haruki admit that they have feelings for someone but fail to clarify who exactly that someone is. With 10 cm between their hands, it’s hard to tell if the emotional distance between them will grow or finally dissipate. If you’re looking for a new slice of life romance anime, We Have Always Been 10 CM Apart has quite a bit of promise. The anime is scheduled to air on Nov. 24.

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