Batman: The Enemy Within’s Episode Three Trailer Sees Bruce Get Friendly with the Villains

Telltale has released the official trailer for episode three of Batman: The Enemy Within, which sees Bruce getting friendly with some familiar, but not-so-friendly faces.

The second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, titled ‘Fractured Mask’ will follow Bruce as he begins working with the villains in order to uncover their plot for Gotham. Of course, with the villains not knowing Bruce is Batman, and Gordon not knowing Batman is Bruce, it looks like things could get particularly messy for our protagonist in this episode. You can check out the full trailer and episode description below.

After an unexpected reunion, Bruce finds his attention (and his loyalties) stretched in yet another direction. Now, in addition to brokering a power struggle between Commissioner Gordon and Amanda Waller, Bruce must balance romantic entanglements with his mission to infiltrate the Pact.

Episode three, ‘Fractured Mask,’ will be available on Nov. 21 on Xbox One, PC, PS4, Mac, and mobile devices.

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