Arms Gets a New Fighter Named Misango With Its Latest Update

Add a new fighter to your arsenal.

It looks like Nintendo’s Arms is still getting new features here and there, as evidenced by the most recent addition of new character Misango, who’s arrived by way of the 4.0 update. It’s available now, and you can try out Misango for yourself if you hop online and grab the update.

Nintendo states that Misango himself is a “spiritual man” who can protect himself from oncoming attacks and make himself faster than others at the drop of a hat. He even has a new stage of his own called the Temple Grounds, as well as new Arms in the form of Scorpio, Glusher, and Skully.

Arms isn’t really showing up a whole lot in the news lately, so it’s good to see that the game is still seeing the occasional injection of content, especially in the form of new fighters, even though already pretty much have the best one we can get with Twintelle in the mix. Still, it never hurts to have more characters to choose from, and hopefully more are on the horizon.


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