Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Fix Error Code 802-9009

How to Fix Error Code 802-9009 in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

While Animal Crossing hasn’t forced you to be connected to the internet in previous titles, that all changes with Pocket Camp. With the mobile title utilizing microtransactions, offering up daily and stretch goals, and allowing you to interact with other players, you’ll always have to be connected to the internet. However, some players have been struggling with error code 802-9009, which keeps popping up whenever they’re going about their business in Pocket Camp.

At the time of writing this, error code 802-9009 just seems to be a result of the Pocket Camp servers being slammed with high levels of traffic. Though the game may suggest moving closer to your connection, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. As such, error code 802-9009 should eventually disappear once the developers get to work optimizing servers and ensuring everyone maintains a smooth and reliable connection.

If you continue to struggle with error code 802-9009 in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, try closing the app entirely, connecting to a new network, or playing at a different time of the day. Peak hours will likely cause you to hit this error more often, so while it might not be ideal, switching to a different time to check on your campsite might be the key to fixing the problem for the time being.

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