This Adorable Ditto-Themed Music Video Will Make Your Heart Melt

ditto, pokemon

♪♫ Meta meta mon mon, meta meta mon mon ♪♫

Pokemon have all types of special moves and abilities at their disposal – some that are lame and some that are just outright awesome. One Pokemon in particular, Ditto, has but one move in his belt, and that move is Transform. Transform lets Ditto take the form of any and all Pokemon, but that’s not all. Ditto also can use the same moves as the target Pokemon as well – mimicking is just what they do.

The Pokemon Company has recently started to create these adorable music videos for some Pokemon that aren’t exactly the most beloved – Slowpoke and Magikarp for example. The next Pokemon to receive the music video treatment is the pink mimic that is Ditto.

This overly cute music video is sung in Japanese, but if you turn the subtitles on you’ll be able to understand what the song is about, but if you ask me – the video is insanely adorable even without understanding what the heck is going on.


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