Super Mario Odyssey: How to Get Regional Coins and What They Do

How to Get Regional Coins in Super Mario Odyssey and What They Do

While you collect more than your fair share of classic coins in Super Mario Odyssey, there is also a new type of coin that you should keep your eye out for while playing called Regional Coins. Regional Coins are a finite resource, unlike the classic coins which you can collect each time you spawn into a kingdom or area, and are tied to specific kingdoms (with each kingdom having a specific number to obtain).

In order to get these special coins in Super Mario Odyssey, you simply have to explore. Some are out in the open, while others are tucked behind breakable objects, within cracks and crevices, and also as part of the side challenges that take you to different rooms and areas. You’ll have to search high and low for them so you can add to your stockpile.

Why do you want to go through the effort of collecting all of these Regional Coins in Super Mario Odyssey? Simple, souvenirs. The Crazy Cap Shop, which you gain access to after reaching the Sand Kingdom, sells various items, souvenirs, and costumes. While some can be purchased with the standard classic coins, others require Regional Coins (these are usually costumes that match the kingdom’s design as well as decorations for your ship).

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