Story of Seasons: The Tale of Two Towns+ Coming to 3DS in Japan This December

Story of Seasons gets a Japan-only extension.

Marvelous is bringing an updated version of the DS title released as Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns to Japan this December. The 3DS version will be called Story of Seasons: The Tale of Two Towns+ and will be released on December 14 for fans looking to revisit the title as a new part of the Story of Seasons name.

There are, of course, augments that have been made such as the ability to select between certain player types like “I like animals” and “I like fishing,” which will supposedly change up some of the content in the game. There are also a set of improved controls as well as StreetPass support so players can share items with others.

The original game wasn’t as well-received as it could have been upon release, so hopefully this souped-up version will improve the title considerably, as it had potential but needed a little something extra to elevate it to “must-play” status like the newer Story of Seasons games. Hopefully we’ll see a version of the game come west so we can give it another try.


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