6 Games Like Stardew Valley If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn shares many similarities with Stardew Valley. For starters, it’s set in a seaside village with a cutesy aesthetic and plenty of social interaction with its adorable inhabitants. The emphasis of gameplay, too, is also centered around farming, in which you’ll have to tend to your crops, raise livestock, go fishing, hunting, and mine for resources.

World’s Dawn is very much a non-linear experience; a life simulation game where it is left to the player as to whether they want to spend time micromanaging their farm, hunting, or attempting to court townsfolk in romantic engagements. There are over thirty different NPCs you can speak with throughout the game, which means there’s loads of different story-arcs and possible relationships to foster.

Because the game is made using the RPG Maker engine, World’s Dawn’s aesthetic isn’t quite as unique and vibrant as Stardew Valley. But for those interested in a farming sim with plenty of activities and NPCs to interact with, it’s well worth playing.

World’s Dawn is available on PC via Steam.

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