Best South Park: Fractured But Whole Classes, All 10 Ranked

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10: Brutalist

Best South Park: The Fractured But Whole Classes

South Park

Let’s start this list by saying none of the classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole are bad. They all have valuable strengths and some weaknesses.

The reason we have the Brutalist last isn’t because it’s not powerful, it’s because there are so many other Brutalists, with better abilities mind you, to pick from out of your CAF/Freedom Pals buddies.

Super Craig and Mysterion are excellent choices for example. Super Craig is VERY bulky, can enrage/block, charge up ahead and also knock foes back. Mysterion, on the other hand, isn’t as bulky, but is very powerful offensively and cannot be completely killed. His ultimate is the best for ending a battle way earlier than you have any business doing so if you catch your enemies right.

It’s fine if you pick the Brutalist, there are just better options. That said, If you want the most powerful single target ultimate in the game, Full-Force Fisting, then the Brutalist is the way to go.

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