Middle-earth Shadow of War: How to Get the True Ending

How to Get the True Ending in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Once you’ve reached the end of Shadow of War’s main story, you’ll then be greeted with the Shadow Wars. These are a series of 10 sieges that will really put your orc-slaying skills to the test. And if you hadn’t guessed, they’re also the key to getting the true ending in Shadow of War.

In order to see the true ending in Shadow of War, you’ll need to complete all 10 of the Shadow Wars sieges. Each stage revolves around protecting one (or more) of the four fortresses you captured during your time in the game. The fortresses you’ll have to protect in each stage of Shadow Wars is as follows:

  1. Cirith Ungol
  2. Núrnen
  3. Seregost
  4. Gorgoroth
  5. Núrnen and Cirith Ungol
  6. Seregost and Gorgoroth
  7. Núrnen and Seregost
  8. Cirith Ungol, Núrnen, and Gorgoroth
  9. Cirith Ungol, Seregost, and Gorgoroth
  10. Cirith Ungol, Seregost, Núrnen, and Gorgoroth

For these, you’ll need to make sure your defenses are rock solid. Make sure that your orc armies are sizeable and filled with strong and varied orcs capable of taking on all manner of enemies. You’ll also need to prepare serious defenses for your fortresses, too. If you’ve not been jumping into the War Chests all that much, you’ll definitely want to do so for these.

Once you’ve taken care of all 10 of the Shadow Wars in Shadow of War, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene set “many years later,” a.k.a. the true ending.

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