This Awesome Video Comically Covers All Types of Video Game Music in Just Two Minutes

seth everman

That water level music though.

As gamers, we’re used to hearing the same type of music for most situations in our video games. You got your save the princess music, you got your game over music, and we know how water levels usually sound in games. A famous twitter user, Seth Everman, has made a video that’s just two minutes long but covers almost every kind of theme music that we hear so often.

With the help of his trusty keyboard and video game knowledge, Seth Everman manages to comically entertain us by showing just how similar video game levels sound.

This isn’t the only ‘music genre’ video that Everman has uploaded to his twitter; just last year he put up his original ‘music genre’ video that isn’t as amazing as his newest one, but still ended up getting a few chuckles out of me. You can watch that first video right here:


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