Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon ‘Strange Evil’ Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon Forms and Z-Moves

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon featuring wormholes, legendary Pokemon, and more.

The short “Strange Evil” trailer, posted below, offers a glimpse at new Z-Moves, Ultra Beasts, and the new location Ultra Megalopolis with the chance to “challenge the mysterious Necrozma and help save the light.” Rare psychic Pokemon Mewtwo also makes an appearance, and was only available in the previous Pokemon Sun and Moon games by transferring through the Pokemon Bank service.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will feature an alternative storyline that is slated to be “twice the volume” of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s original story. The new set of games will be the last Pokemon role-playing games for the Nintendo 3DS, and each will feature version-exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launches for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS on Nov. 17.


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