Planned Maintenance on Nintendo Switch’s Online Service Begins Today

Under construction.

Planning on taking your games online with Nintendo Switch this week? You might have a little difficulty doing so, as Nintendo is working on its online services starting today, with the first round coming to Splatoon 2 as “all network services” for the game will be unavailable for about 90 minutes starting at 8:50 pm ET tonight for some planned maintenance.

If you planned on ending your day with a little Splatoon 2 online, unfortunately your plans will have to be shifted a bit. But Splatoon 2 is only the first of several games that will be affected by the maintenance. There’s a full schedule of when you can expect certain online play in some games, the Nintendo Switch parental controls, and various other services to be affected.

So if you’re having some issues getting online with your Switch or are seeing things acting a little spotty, this is certainly the best explanation as to why. Luckily, things should clear up just in time for the upcoming Halloween-themed Splatoon 2 event before the holiday rolls around.


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