Overwatch: All New Halloween Terror 2017 Highlight Intros

All New Halloween Terror 2017 Highlight Intros in Overwatch

Halloween Terror is back for a second year, with new skins, emotes, sprays, highlight intros, and revamped Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl to boot.

All of the Halloween cosmetic items from last year will be discounted from their original prices, and all new items will be the normal seasonal event amounts with legendary skins being a whopping 3000 coins. You can check out all the new skins here, and boy oh boy are there some good ones this year.

In terms of highlight intros, last year we got three amazing ones including a pumpkin craving Genji, Reaper bursting from a coffin, and Mei getting startled by Snowball in a sheet. This year, however, we only got one new highlight intro for Roadhog entitled “Footsteps…” which you can see below.

It’s not particularly Halloween-y, and in fact is pretty similar to Roadhog’s “Say Cheese” Epic emote with the pulling in close and all. But with his Junkenstien’s Monster skin on, it does seem to fit the theme quite well. Good thing Roadhog is intimidating no matter what skin he happens to have on.

Even if we only got one new highlight intro this year, at least all the one’s from 2016 will be cheap enough to pick up!

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