New Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Shown at the Nintendo World Championships

Super Mario Odyssey

Platforming at its’ finest.

Super Mario Odyssey will be gracing our Nintendo Switch’s once it launches in a few short weeks. The 3D platformer brings Mario back to glory with multiple kingdoms to explore and power moons to collect. During the Nintendo World Championships, two contenders faced off in a variety of Mario Odyssey-themed challenges that showed off some new gameplay that you should definitely check out if you can’t wait for the game to release.

If you watch the video from the competition, you’ll be able to see more of the 8-bit throwback sections, a boss fight, some tricky 3D platforming, and oh so much more. After watching this, we just want to get in a time machine and head to Oct. 27 to get ourselves some of that sweet Super Mario Odyssey. I would also argue that we just freeze time for that entire day, just to make sure that Mario gets our full undivided attention – I think he deserves it.


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