PS4 Owners Can Play Monster Hunter World as Aloy; Beta Date Confirmed

monster hunter world

A fitting crossover.

Monster Hunter: World is one of several third-party games will benefit from PS4 exclusive features at launch. It was announced during Sony’s Paris Games Week conference that PS4 players will be able to the game as Horizon Zero Dawn’s main protagonist, Aloy. A beta for the game launches on Dec. 9 and will be available across all platforms.

At the close of an extended montage trailer showing off some sublime gameplay of the upcoming Monster Hunter World, we saw a tantalizing glimpse of Aloy kicking Monster butt with her bow and arrow. Having already graduated from the school of robo-dino hunting in Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is surely a suitable crossover character for Capcom’s hotly anticipated Monster Hunter: World.

You can check it out for yourself below:

The ability to play as Aloy will be a PS4 exclusive feature in the full release, but everyone will be able to play the Monster Hunter World beta on Dec .9. The game-proper launches Jan. 26 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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