Ghost Recon: Wildlands Is Undergoing Maintenance to Ready the Game for Ghost War

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Cancel those Wildlands plans for tomorrow.

If you had big plans in Ghost Recon: Wildlands tomorrow, you’ll have to postpone them. In anticipation of the release of the free PvP mode Ghost War, there’s going to be a bit of planned server maintenance. Actually, “a bit” doesn’t really cover it. It’s more like ten hours.

Starting at 3 AM ET on Oct. 10, Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be taken offline for said maintenance, when the new content will be patched in. There will also be additional fixes in terms of the campaign, with complete patch notes going up tomorrow, likely when the work has been completed.

In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer for Ghost War, which will be free for all players, even the ones currently trying things out later this week during the free weekend promotion. If you like what you see, you only have about half a day to wait until you can jump online and try it out with your friends. There’s nothing wrong with free!


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