7 Games Like The Sims If You’re Looking For Something Similar

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Second Life

Games Like The Sims If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Any gamer who is a fan of The Sims but has always had the urge to take their creations to the next level should certainly be making their way over to Second Life. Second Life is exactly what it sounds like — an online virtual world that offers the ultimate player freedom, ability to connect with others and its own economy that has allowed many of its users to generate real-life income. This is your other life in cyberspace. Some of the most beloved features of The Sims franchise serve as the backbone of Second Life.

This online experience takes character customization and building options to the next level. If you build a fancy nightclub here, you can not only visit it with your playable avatar but you can also meet up with other real players who are looking for a fun night on the town. You can even play the role of the DJ by spinning your own musical selections and hoping you keep the crowd happy. Second Life is truly the ultimate life simulation game and an experience that is constantly offering something new for you to do every time you log in.

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