8 Games Like Cuphead If You’re Looking For Something Similar

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Mega Man X

Cuphead is one in a long line of 2D platformers/shooters, and it draws a lot of inspiration from games of the past. You can’t get much more influential than Mega Man and Mega Man X, the legendary series that pretty much helped define the 2D shooter genre. Unlike the previous Mega Man games, X took on a more serious grown up approach to its story and world. That doesn’t mean that it’s dark and gritty now, but the storytelling is more involved.

Cuphead fans should feel right at home playing Mega Man X, as its run-and-gun gameplay runs silky smooth. As Mega Man you’ll run, jump, shoot, and dash your way through levels. Mega Man X likes to throw a ton of enemies at you, and of course you can approach the game’s levels, and bosses, in any order you choose. Cuphead may not use the exact same formula as in terms of its setup, but the classic run-and-gun gameplay wouldn’t exist without Mega Man, and Mega Man X is one of the best entries in the entire franchise.

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