Fortnite Battle Royale: Best Multi Chest Spawn Locations

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Loot is scattered pretty generously around the map of Fortnite Battle Royale, with even small structures, such as huts and barns, usually providing something useful. The best loot, however, is typically locked away in chests that are much harder to come by. If you’ve been playing the game regularly, you’ll likely have found some of these in big houses or in industrial areas of large settlements. What gives away their location is a distinct glistening sound. Opening one is like a lucky dip, sometimes rewarding players with an Epic or Legendary weapon, medkits, and more.

But what’s better than a single gleaming chest full of precious loot? Two or three gleaming chests, of course! And believe it or not, there are several hidden locations around the map of Fortnite Battle Royale that do regularly spawn more than one chest. If you can memorize these locations, you’ll have a huge advantage at the start of a battle, or a handy go-to spot during the late game when you’re in need of better weapons or health recovery.

Here, we’re giving you the exact location of several spots that consistently spawn one or more chests. These double or sometimes triple chest locations are your best chance of scoring an Epic or Legendary weapon, though that isn’t ever guaranteed.

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