Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Increase Bond and Relationships With Characters

How to Increase Bond and Relationships With Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

One of the main features in recent mainline games is the ability to strengthen your bond and relationship between characters, and Fire Emblem Warriors brings back that support system in this crossover title. For the most part, it works the way you’d expect it to.

First off, characters can bond with each other when they fight together on the battlefield. The easiest way to do this is by pairing up two units by holding down the ZR button and pressing A when you’re near the character you want to bond with. Both units will now travel together, and each time you complete an objective or defeat a tough enemy, you’ll see a small red heart appear above your controlled character’s head. This indicates an increase in your bond level. Do this often enough, and your relationship will level up, as indicated by the results screen at the end of each battle.

As you level up, your relationship will get stronger, and you’ll also receive special gifts unique to both characters in the paired unit. Unfortunately, your characters cannot get married and have power children in Fire Emblem Warriors.

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