Earthbound/Mother 2 Vinyl Is Now Available to Pre-Order Outside of Japan for the First Time

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Now, can we please get Mother 3?

Earthbound is known for taking popular culture at the time of its release back in the mid 90’s and throwing it all into the game by creating a modern JRPG that will be remembered for ages and ages. What’s kind of confusing for some people is that Earthbound is only called Earthbound here in the west, while the franchise is called Mother in Japan and has seen three different entries. Have you heard of Mother 3? That’s the sequel to Earthbound that everyone in the states wants to have in their hands, but unfortunately Nintendo has never released an English version.

Not only is Mother 2 well-known for its zany story and interesting Dragon Quest-like combat, but it’s also remembered for its awesome soundtrack. I’m happy to announce that the Mother 2 vinyl is now available to be pre-ordered outside of Japan – for the first time ever. The two-disc vinyl soundtrack will cost $40 and will feature a couple of remixed tracks as well as high-quality versions of your favorite Earthbound tracks.earthbound

You can pre-order the vinyl soundtrack right here at Ship to Shore’s website.


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