Day of Infamy Gets Free Weekend on Steam, Offers Double XP and 50% Discount

Day of Infamy

To celebrate huge update this week.

World War II tactical first-person shooter Day of Infamy goes free for all players on Steam to download and play this weekend.

The event is currently ongoing and ends on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. ET. All players can earn double XP over the free weekend to help unlock the 30 playable units in the game, and is on sale with 50% off at $9.99.

Day of Infamy recently received a huge update this week, adding a new multiplayer map and training map with a hint system for new players. The Source Engine-based game also received improved foliage and “various amounts of set dressing.” Check out the full patch notes here.

Like developer New World Interactive’s previous game Insurgency, Day of Infamy offers a more realistic experience with no crosshair, HUD map, or even a kill feed depending on the server. Players can only survive one or two shots before dying. The game, released last March, can also run on lower-end computers for those worried about performance.


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