A Major Mobius Final Fantasy Event Will Tell Tidus’s Story Between X and X-2


See what Tidus was up to while Yuna was being a diva.

Ever wanted to know what happened to Final Fantasy X’s Tidus between the end of Final Fantasy X and where Final Fantasy X-2 begins? Mobius Final Fantasy has you covered during its Dream Within a Dream event, during which it will explain what happened to Tidus and what he was up to.

The Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm cinematic “sequel” gave us a glimpse of this with what happened to Yuna after she wiped the floor with Sin. While sphere hunting with Rikku, the pair happened upon an ancient sphere showing a person that looks like Tidus imprisoned in Bevelle.

The Mobius Final Fantasy Event will cover Tidus’s point of view during this time, and finally, shed some light on his journey after Final Fantasy X. The Dream Within a Dream event is going on right now in Japan, with no release date currently slated for the US. Given the release schedule for previous events though, we can probably expect it sometime next year on Android and iOS.


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