10 Scary Good Games Worth Checking out This Steam Halloween Sale

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DOOM (2016)

Best Games to Check Out During Steam Halloween Sale 2017


If you’ve been dying to jump into iD software’s iconic shooter, now may be your chance. DOOM takes place on Mars, where your lone DOOM Marine combats hordes of Hell’s finest. DOOM was a game that popularized and revolutionized the shooter genre when it released in 1993.

The DOOM of 2016 was similarly praised for its crisp shooting mechanics and great optimization. As of the 6.66 update, all DLC is included for free with the game. For players who want a shooter to play this Halloween, DOOM might scratch that itch, especially since it’s currently on sale for 33% off. You can check out the title on steam here.

This post was originally authored by Brandon Mustard.

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