This Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer Lets You Control the Action

The choice is yours.

Warner Bros.’ latest trailer for the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of war is a bit of a different take on the traditional “action-packed clip with release date.” It’s pretty similar in some ways, but it opens up the action to viewers by offering an interactive trailer to at the very least give the illusion of choice. It’s a pretty fun little trailer, actually.

The trailer, called “Friend or Foe,” finds you either saving or killing those who would challenge you. You start by making your choice at the end of the video, and depending on which one you make you’ll end up on a different part of the game’s official site. It’s a pretty interesting change of pace from those trailers that like to take pop songs and make somber dirges out of them, at the very least.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be touching down on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month on October 10. You’ll be able to make a whole lot more choices in-game like this one, like who to spare and who to keep around. That’s definitely something to look forward to if the Nemesis system tickled your fancy with the previous game.


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