Super Mario Run Update Adds New World and Character Next Week, Alongside 50% Off Discount

Super Mario Run

A new mode with remixed levels as well.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first real foray into mobile games, is receiving a substantial update on Sept. 29 which adds new playable content since the game’s launch in December 2016. According to a news post on Apple’s App Store, only viewable on Apple devices with iOS 11 installed, the free update comes with a new world of levels, a new playable character, and a new mode.

The new mode, called Remix 10, features 10 small sections of existing Super Mario Run levels one after the another with rainbow-colored medals to collect and no game over screen. Finishing levels and collecting medals rewards players with new decorative items for the Mushroom Kingdom and the new playable character, Princess Daisy. Daisy’s special ability is a double jump, and can be used throughout the other modes in the game.

Super Mario Run

The new world offers nine more levels that can only be unlocked after completing Worlds 1-6. The levels still contain the various coin challenges with new enemies and “cool gameplay mechanics.” The last addition in the update is that Mario and characters will wear headphones when players are listening to their own music while playing.

The app is free to download, offering the first three levels to play before a notification pops up allowing players to unlock the rest of the game for a one-time purchase of $9.99. That price will be reduced by 50% for two weeks after the update drops on Sept. 29.


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