Street Fighter V Is Getting a Drop of Several Spooky Halloween-Themed Costumes

Time for dress-up!

Street Fighter V is always adding a cavalcade of new costumes to its already vast stores in-game, and this time around on September 26, 13 additional outfits will be dropping. Both halloween and school-themed costumes will be available so you can live out any of the Halloween-themed matches you’ve been hoping for.

But remember that school’s just started, too, so there are plenty of school uniforms for Cammy, Menat, and Ed. Cammy gets a few new outfits as well, like the Doll’s Costume meant to bring back memories as her days working for M. Bison. You can also get the Nostalgia Costume, which is like one of her alt costumes from Street Fighter IV.

Dhalsim, Urien, Birdie, M. Bison, and FANG get their own special Halloween costumes that turn the fighters into mummies, demons, and various other creeptastic monsters that you can outfit them in as they square off against characters like Chun-Li, who gets beach wear, pajamas, and a costume that doesn’t look like her at all. It’s a pretty unique look for her.

Each outfit is $4 each if you want to pick them up, and there’s a new stage coming tomorrow as well in the form of English Manor. Get ready to gear up and duke it out in the new stage soon.


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