Sonic Forces’ Latest Trailer Shows Off a New Stage Inspired by the Classic Casino Night Zone

The night life is here.

Sega has released a brand new look at Sonic Forces, this time showing off a new level called Casino Forest. Although it’s technically a new stage, Casino Forest is heavily inspired by the classic Sonic stage, Casino Night Zone.

In the trailer you can see Classic Sonic dashing at high speed through the 2D stage, as he comes upon slot machines, pinball games, and more. Yes it still has the casino theme, only this time Sonic is running through ancient ruins within a forest, that also happens to be a casino. The music of the stage also stick to the style of the stage Forces is drawing inspiration from. Make sure to take a look at the full trailer down below.

Sonic Forces launches on November 7 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Make sure to take a look at our preview of the game from E3, and see the free DLC recently announced that focuses on Shadow.

What do you think about the return of Casino Night Zone? Are there any other classic Sonic levels you hope to see in Sonic Forces? Let us know down in the comments below.


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