Someone Is Attempting to Stockpile All Miiverse Drawings and Posts Before It Shuts Down


Preservation of those Splatoon drawings is of utmost importance.

Miiverse launched back during the Wii U era; a social media service that let Nintendo players post drawings and funny statements to a game-specific message board of sorts. You had your Splatoon, Smash Bros., and Mario Kart chat groups that were host to many insanely talented people that would post the most gorgeous video-game related drawings that were done with just a stylus and a creative imagination. Nintendo announced last month that the service would be shut down after five years of being online, which happens to be on Nov. 8.

Nintendo will be letting people save their own posts via the Miiverse site but there are thousands upon thousands of pictures that will be lost come November. One Twitter user by the name of Drastic Actions is trying to be the hero that we all need by attempting to archive every single post in Miiverse that has ever been posted.

It is taking him a very long time to work his way through the archives; by Sep. 3, he’s gone back to July 31 with over 57,000 items backed up for the Splatoon group in Japan, only one region for one specific game. He has a long way to go if he plans of conserving everything, but we have faith in Drastic Actions. Hopefully he can archive all of those beautiful drawings of the Inklings from Splatoon and create some sort of online gallery for people to view.


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