Shovel Knight Will Be Joining the Party in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

no more heroes, travis strikes again

Indie collabs everywhere.

During Nintendo’s Nindie showcase earlier this week, we learned the exciting news that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be coming in 2018 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The deadly and wise-cracking assassin is making a huge comeback and the creative director, Suda51, is mixing up the gameplay by collaborating with indie developers such as Dennaton Games (Hotline Miami), and Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight).

Seven years have apparently passed since the last No More Heroes game and someone has come to teach Travis a killer lesson. Badman has finally found the man who has killed his daughter, Badgirl, and is prepared to slay Mr. Touchdown for the wrong that he’s done. Here’s when things get a little weird; the two of them get sucked into a game machine in which they are required to complete six indie games, and whoever wins will get their wishes granted.

The initial announcement of the game showed off gameplay of Hotline Miami in the background so we can assume that that is one of the indie titles that will be featured, but Suda51 also announced during a PAX West live stream that Shovel Knight would be the second collaboration.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will launch in 2018, exclusively for the Switch.


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