Rocket League’s Autumn Update Brings a New Seasonal Arena, Competitive Season 6, and More

Fall is here.

Psyonix has announced everything coming to Rocket League with its new Autumn Update, and although there’s nothing major here there’s plenty of new small changes and additions. Of course everything is given a lovely Fall theme, and that includes the gorgeous new seasonal map known as Farmstead. In the trailer below you can see the map littered with auburn trees in the background and a kind of rustic farm feel on the arena itself. The Wasteland and Starbase Arc arenas are also getting standard versions for players to use, on top of the standard versions of the maps of course.

Other than the new arenas, Rocket League is also implementing transparent goalposts, which is sure to be incredibly useful moving forward. Finally there’s a ton of new Fall themed cosmetic items being added, with over 90 items available for free. The Autumn Update also marks the start of competitive season 6 for the game, which will officially kick off on September 28.

Rocket League is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version is supposed to launch at an unspecified time this holiday.


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