Pokemon GO’s Server Connectivity Remains Spotty After Morning Outage

Following a complete server outage this morning, some fans still appear to be facing issues connecting to Pokemon GO’s servers.

The server outage initially happened earlier this morning and Niantic was quick to announce it was looking into the issues. Unfortunately, despite the problems seemingly being fixed for some players, others are still unable to get online. Since its initial tweet, Niantic has yet to confirm that everything is back up and running with Pokemon GO’s servers as it should be.

While this would normally be a mere inconvenience for wannabe Pokemon Trainers, the timing of this current outage lands right in the middle of the Equinox event currently live in Pokemon GO. What’s more, all three legendary dogs, Suicine, Raikou, and Entei, are also currently available to catch in the game, though their Sept. 30 exit date is fast approaching. Fingers crossed Niantic will have Pokemon GO up and running for trainers around the world again soon.

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