NBA 2k18: How to Sprint and Run Fast Around the Court

How to Sprint and Run Fast Around the Court in NBA 2k18

Speed kills, and in the NBA the ability to control your rhythm and pace on the court can keep defenses off balance and offenses with a player constantly between them and the basket. Speed takes a player like Russell Westbrook and turns them into an offensive superstar, or a defensive stud like Avery Bradley into a defensive transition nightmare.

To sprint in NBA 2k18, simply hold down R2/RT/RZ. Your overall speed is determined by a number of different ratings including speed (of course), acceleration, and lateral quickness, as well as height and weight.

Keep in mind that each player can only sprint for a certain amount of time before their stamina meter is drained. The higher a player’s stamina rating is, the longer they will be able to sprint and the longer they will be able to maintain a full stamina bar. Throughout a game, a player’s max stamina will decrease based on the number of times the stamina meter is drained beforehand. Manage your stamina throughout the game to ensure that you can have that burst of speed at pivotal moments late in the game.

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