Multiple Destiny 2 Characters of the Same Class Are Being Kept From Leveling Too Quickly

Coming down on multiple characters.

If it seems multiple characters you have in Destiny 2 might not be leveling as quickly as others you’ve started, you’re certainly on to something. Bungie has confirmed that in Destiny 2, additional characters that belong to the same class are indeed being locked out of leveling up too quickly. Each class will get one week’s worth of rewards, but the rest you get on our other characters will not, in fact, be received as upgrades.

Essentially, that means if you have two characters that are the same class and you play one to reach all of their Milestones, you’ll get Powerful Rewards that continually improve each time you earn one. But if you play on your other character that belongs to the same class, you won’t see the levels increase in tier or power level.

This lockout, which resets each week, was implemented according to Bungie’s community manager Cozmo, was supposedly enacted in a bid to keep players from making three characters that belong to the same class for quick leveling, but instead it’s having people make characters that belong to each class, one to each, weirdly enough.

So if you have multiple characters like a Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, you’ll still be able to power level through each tier of rewards, but if you choose the same class you won’t see the same boons. If you’re particular to one class, you might want to keep this in mind when making other characters.


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