Get to Know Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Dark Tribe in the Latest Trailer

Trachery and deception are the way of the Dark Tribe.

There’s a lot you can say about the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War game, but up until now could you say it has a tribe that reminds you of ninja orcs? Didn’t think so. The latest trailer from Middle-earth: Shadow of War introduces a new tribe of orcs known as the Dark Tribe. The Dark tribe is adept at “ambushes, double-crosses and battlefield trickery,” according to Monolith Productions. Sounds an awful lot like shinobi, does it not?

If you’ve been counting, this is the fourth tribe introduced via trailer, in addition to the Terror Tribe, Machine Tribe, and Marauder Tribe. Each come with their own specializations and unique traits that should determine which one you gravitate toward the most. The Dark Tribe uses stealth to stalk enemies as well as quick and deadly weapons, even able to disappear off to somewhere after throwing down smoke bombs. They’re masters of deception as well as betrayal and treachery. Sounds dangerous.

The Dark Tribe should balance out the rest of the tribes in-game nicely, especially with those that rely on other tenets of battle here and there. You can see them in action in the video below if you’re so inclined.


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