5 Reasons Haters Should Actually Give Destiny 2 a Fair Chance

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There Is An Actual Story This Time

Destiny 2, Cayde

It is absolutely true that, for the most part, Destiny 2 feels very much like the first Destiny game. The gameplay mechanics, the overall look, and that epic soundtrack all return for the sequel and create a gaming experience that can fool you into thinking that nothing has changed. But even the most avid Destiny hater out there has to admit that’s not a fair assessment.

Bungie received some harsh criticism about Destiny’s lackluster story (if you can even call it that) and Destiny 2 certainly improves on that aspect. Destiny 2 brings back the highlights of Destiny’s art direction, an emotionally moving soundtrack, and introduces a better story on top of it. Even if the story isn’t something worth writing home about, it’s still proof that Bungie listened.

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