Fire Emblem Warriors Introduces Corrin, Sakura and Elise Alongside New Info and Screenshots

Fire Emblem Warriors

“My path is clear!”

Developer Koei Tecmo updated the official Japanese website for their highly anticipated Dynasty Warrior-like game Fire Emblem Warriors today, introducing Fire Emblem Fates characters Corrin, Sakura and Elise with a host of new screenshots and information.

Though Corrin’s upbringing is originally decided by the player in Fates, Fire Emblem Warriors sees the male protagonist brought up in Nohr while being of Hoshido blood. His dragon powers are preserved in this game and his Yato sword also returns. Players will be able to play as the female version of Corrin as well.

As for the other two characters, Sakura is the princess of Hoshido who was separated from Corrin as a child while Elise is the youngest of the four Nohrian royal siblings who rides on a horse and uses attack magic alongside her healing abilities.

Players are also given a glimpse of the title’s reinforcement system, which allows heroes and weapons to grow, and the Coat of Arms menu, which allows players the privilege to use special emblems to power-up characters through a grid system. Abilities, combos, skills and more can be improved here too, varying upon what emblems are used. Training allows users to transfer characteristics of a weapon, including special effects and magic, onto another.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS at the end of the month on September 28 in Japan and on October 20 in North America and Europe. The aforementioned screenshots released today can be found in the gallery below:

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