Final Fantasy XV Universe Trailer Gives a Brief Look at Episode Ignis and Confirms Story Updates On the Way

Guess who’s teaming up with Ignis?

It looks like Final Fantasy XV is still going strong with contents, as a new Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer released during TGS gives us a brief look at some new things on the way. Along with the already existing properties like Kingsglaive and Brotherhood, as well as announced ones like Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, we get the briefest look at the upcoming Episode Ignis DLC.

The clip is only a few seconds long but shows Ignis surrounded by Imperial soldiers, and fighting along guess who, Ravus Nox Fleuret. The previous two DLCs have featured Gladio teaming up with Cor and Prompto with Aranea, so it looks like Ignis will be joining forces with Ravus. Surprisingly the trailer also confirms that Final Fantasy XV will be getting a free update that adds on more story content. It’s unclear what exactly will be added on or when, but we see a few shots of Shiva, Luna, and Gentiana. Up until now the development team has only said they’re considering adding on more story scenes that flesh things out, so it’s nice to get an official confirmation. Take a look at the full Universe trailer down below.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for Xbox One and PS4, with a Windows Edition launching sometime in 2018. In addition to Episode Ignis which launches this December, the Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer expansion will be added onto the game on October 31.

What do you think of all the new content coming to Final Fantasy XV? Are you interested in the add-ons, or have you moved past the game? Let us know down in the comments below.




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