FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: Squad Battles Tips and Tricks

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Choose a Difficulty You’re Comfortable With

Tips and Tricks for Squad Battles in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

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Playing on a difficulty you are comfortable with is vital to climbing the rankings in FIFA 18’s Squad Battles. While being challenged makes playing against the computer more enjoyable, you need to make the most of the potential points on offer. For example, rather than having close matches on World Class difficulty, it is better to win comfortably on a lower difficulty.

That being said, if you are able to win by two or three goals on one difficulty and by five or six on the next difficulty level below, then choose the harder one. Doing so will see you get more points due to the increased multiplier of the higher difficulties. The difference in the multiplier outweighs the bonus for scoring more goals on a lower difficulty. Simply work out which difficulty you are comfortable with and stick to it.

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