6 End Game Activities You Need to Do After Beating Destiny 2

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Unlock Patrols

End Game Activities You Need to Do After Beating Destiny 2

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So you’ve beaten Destiny 2’s story and obtained vengeance for everything that went down at the Tower. You know, the whole losing your light before getting kicked in the face and left to die. Unlike many other games where the credits roll and you’re all done, there’s actually plenty that unlocks after completing that “main” part of Destiny 2’s narrative.

There are plenty of new opportunities for you and your fireteam to further your legends, as well as plenty of reasons for you to repeat some things you may have already done. Let’s get into it starting with Patrols.

Some of you may have done this prior to taking on the last mission. But for those of you who didn’t, this is a perfect time. You must complete a mission for Cayde-6 in the EDZ. This will unlock Patrols on all available planets, so it’s definitely worth the 10-15 minutes it takes to run through the objectives.

Patrols are a great way to gather tokens, glimmer, and experience for end game. This will help you more quickly unlock legendary packages from vendors as well as Bright Engrams (which have ton of sweet aesthetic rewards). So yeah, before doing anything else in Destiny 2 make sure you take care of this really fast. 

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