Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike: How to Beat Bracus Zahn

How to Beat Bracus Zahn in Destiny 2

Cabal officer Bracus Zahn shows up at the end of The Arms Dealer Strike in Destiny 2 after fighting through a Cabal base full of troops and tanks. The boss battle requires a lot of patience and situational awareness, so be sure to complete it with a team that can communicate.

Bracus Zahn will have various ground troops and turrets with him when entering the room, so take a few shots on the boss before he disappears. Take out his reinforcements, and then activate the control panel for the elevator.

Zahn will be standing on top of the elevator as your team is going up. Start shooting him to stop his sniping. Once the elevator reaches the top, more turrets and ground troops will appear. Take them out before they overwhelm your team.

He will retreat to a high tower protected by a shield once a section of his health is gone. One player must run from one side of the field, pick up an energy ball, and deposit it on the other side to disable the shield. The other two teammates should focus on the reinforcements.

The boss will come back down, and then retreat to the tower again when his health is lower. This formula repeats itself until Zahn is finally dead.

That is how you beat the Bracus Zahn and The Arms Dealer Strike. For more on Destiny 2, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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