Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Strike: How to Beat Savathun’s Song Shrieker

How to Beat Savathun’s Song Shrieker in Destiny 2

The final boss of the Savathun’s Song Strike in Destiny 2 appears after hacking doors, defeating waves of enemies, and clearing a Hive. The Savathun’s Song Shrieker is mostly an immobile target, but makes up the threat by spawning powerful enemies.

The Shrieker will be resting in a crystal shell upon discovery, and will start attacking when players break the shell by shooting it. It fires Void blasts and will occasionally teleport around the arena. Players must target its eye to cause damage, and it will retract into its shell after a third of its health has been depleted.

It cannot be damaged in its shell, and will not come out to attack again until its Hive reinforcements are defeated. After another third of its health is gone, it will summon dangerous ogres that can cause problems for your team if not dispatched quickly.

The Shrieker will then shield itself in a Void barrier, but will still attack your team. The barrier can only be destroyed by inserting a Void charge beneath it, which drops from a dead wizard spawned in the arena. It will teleport back to its first spot and attack until it is dead.

That is how you beat the Savathun’s Song Shrieker and the Savathun’s Song Strike. For more on Destiny 2, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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