Destiny 2: How to Get the Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter Boots

Destiny 2: How to Get the Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter Boots

Hand Cannon users might love the Lucky Pants exotic Hunter leg armor in Destiny 2. This exotic gear increases your Hand Cannon initial accuracy and ready speed. Additionally, it comes with a mod that increases your armor’s recovery.

If you fancy a rugged look for your hunter, then the Lucky Pants might suit your fashion. There’s also some visible bullet shells dangling from the pants, if that suits your style.

Some exotic gear in Destiny 2 can be obtained by progressing naturally through the main campaign, while some can be obtained via engrams or random loot drops. The Lucky Pants exotic Hunter gear applies to both scenarios. The Lucky Pants is one of the three exotic gear pieces you can obtain from Sloane after completing the Riptide mission on Titan. If you’re disappointed by the low Defense stats of the armor when Sloane offers it, you can also get this exotic via random loot drops or in engrams.

Below are some of the activities where you can obtain Lucky Pants and other exotics:

  • (Heroic) Public Events
  • Call to Arms Weekly Milestone
  • Clan XP Weekly Milestone
  • Nightfall Weekly Milestone
  • Flashpoint Weekly Milestone

Xur might also sell this exotic gear, so make sure to check out his wares every Friday.

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