Destiny 2: How to Get the Transversive Steps Exotic Warlock Boots

How to Get the Transversive Steps Exotic Warlock Boots in Destiny 2

Veteran Warlocks from Destiny 1 may already be familiar with the Transversive Steps, an exotic set of Warlock boots making a return in Destiny 2. However, they’ve received a slight change this time around, but are still worth owning.

Where in the first game Transversive Steps made you faster while crouching (which made the siege engine section of the Wrath of the Machine raid a breeze), in Destin 2 you’ll just be a lot faster while sprinting. And when we say a lot faster, we mean this is the fastest we’ve ever seen a Warlock move. Also, while sprinting, your stowed Energy weapons are automatically reloaded. Pretty cool, huh?

To get the Transversive Steps in Destiny 2, you’re going to have to rely on pure luck. That’s because they are a completely random drop, as are many other exotics currently available in the game. The only exotic quests in the game are for a handful of exotic weapons. You armor collectors are going to have to do things the hard way. This means earning exotic engrams, doing weekly Milestones, and leveling up vendors. If you’re lucky, you’ll get this exotic to drop after only a few tries, if not, then you’re going to be farming for a while. Hopefully, it’s the former rather than the latter.

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